Student Artwork
Student Artwork
Student Artwork
Student Artwork
Student Artwork

Built With NFT Project

204 / 10,000 Minted

100% of the proceeds goes back to Built With Bitcoin!

10,000 unique NFTs, hand drawn by students from Built With Bitcoin schools across Africa

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Harnessing the power of NFTs to drive social good.

The Built With Bitcoin Foundation has partnered with Satoshibles to create Built With NFT - a collection of unique NFTs that will drive hundreds of ETH to humanitarian efforts.

The NFT collection is powered by artwork from students at BWB campuses across Africa, ranging in age from 4 to 16 years old. From this artwork, 10,000 completely unique NFTs were generated and made available to mint.

To maximise the impact, 100% of the ETH generated will fund the Foundation’s on-going efforts to build schools and communities around the world with their next projects initiating in West Africa and Central America in 2022. We believe this is the largest scale use of NFT technology for social good anywhere in the world.

It is extremely empowering for these communities to see that their artworks can be used to generate long lasting, sustainable outcomes for other communities all around the world.


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The Team

Built With Bitcoin + Satoshibles

Built With Bitcoin is a humanitarian organization devoted to creating equitable opportunity by providing clean water, access to quality education, sustainable farming, and humanitarian support - all powered by Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

The team behind the successful NFT project Satoshibles is excited and honoured to be able to provide the technical know-how for the project, enabling the transformation from physical artwork to digital NFT.

Together we created the Built with NFT project, leveraging the power of unique NFTs and empowering the children of BWB schools in Africa to pay-it-forward, creating a wave of positive impact reaching far across the globe.