What is the story behind the artwork for the Built With NFT Collection?

Having sought permission from the families of the children in BWB schools across Africa, the children were each given a template on which to paint a person in any way they wished. Once all of the paintings were completed, the artworks were scanned to create digital copies. These digital copies were supplied to the Satoshibles team for processing.

Each individual artwork was separated into 2 component parts, a head and a body. Then using an algorithm to randomly combine a head and a body with a background, we are able to generate 10,000 completely unique artworks which are then stored as NFT’s on the Ethereum blockchain.

What percentage of the proceeds will go to BWB?

100% of proceeds will go directly to the Built With Bitcoin Foundation. Secondary sales of Built-with-NFT NFTs when made on OpenSea will generate a royalty payment to the Built with Bitcoin Foundation of 7.5%. From these royalty payments, 100% will also go to the ongoing fulfillment of the Built with NFT vision and mission.

Where will the funds go?

The Built With Bitcoin Foundation will build dozens of communities around the world. The goal is to provide access to clean water, solar energy, school systems, sustainable farming, and technology. These resources will also provide an opportunity for local community members to have jobs and support their families.

This website will also be an ongoing project. We will be adding many new features to keep you all up to date on the progress of the work, as well as build out special features for NFT holders.

How long will the NFT sale be available?

All 10k pieces are on sale as of November 30, 2021 will close once the last piece is sold.

How do I buy an NFT?

You will need a crypto wallet to enable the purchase (mint) and receipt of your new NFTs. We recommend MetaMask (https://metamask.io) as the preferred choice of wallet - other Ethereum wallets may work but have not been tested. You can download and install MetaMask from the link above - be sure you download from the MetaMask site directly or from the Google Play or Apple App store. You can install on iPhone, Android or on desktop.

Find out more here: How to mint an NFT